Meet Our Founders

PierceLori J. Pierce, MD, FASTRO, FASCO

Dr. Lori Pierce has been instrumental in pioneering appropriate use of radiation in women with breast cancer. Dr. Pierce is currently Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, her medical degree from Duke University, and returned to the University of Pennsylvania to complete her residency training. Prior to coming to Michigan, Dr. Pierce was a Senior Investigator in the Radiation Oncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Pierce co-founded PFS in order to help develop a diagnostic tool which will inform decision-making in the treatment to the breast in early stage breast cancer. While breast-conserving surgery and radiotherapy is a very effective treatment for most women with early stage disease, randomized clinical trials have shown that many women will not experience in-breast tumor recurrences following surgery only and a minority will recur even in the presence of radiotherapy. The difficulty is in identifying up front in-breast tumor recurrence risk. Development of gene profiles to aid in decision-making regarding the need for radiotherapy could minimize over-treatment and identify those tumors for which intensification of treatment is needed.

FengFelix Y. Feng, MD
Dr. Felix Feng is a leading expert in molecular biomarker research with the goal of understanding tumor response to radiation treatment. Dr. Feng serves as Associate Professor, Vice Chair, and Director of Translational Research of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of California, San Francisco. Previously, Dr. Feng was a faculty member of Radiation Oncology, Director of the Division of Translational Genomics, and Associate Chair for Laboratory Research at the University of Michigan. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, his medical degree at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and completed his residency training at the University of Michigan. Dr. Feng co-founded PFS Genomics in order to help personalize treatment decisions for patients with breast cancer.  He has extensive experience in identifying molecular drivers of hormone-associated cancers, and will help develop tools to individualize clinical decisions based on breast cancer biology.


SpeersCorey W. Speers, MD, PhD
Dr. Corey Speers has extensive experience applying molecular biomarker signature development to breast cancer patients. Dr. Speers is currently an Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan. He received his medical degree and PhD from Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, TX and completed his residency training and fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  He has an interest in providing accurate decision aids for the personalization of treatment decisions for women with breast cancer.  This interest led him to co-found PFS Genomics with his colleagues, Drs. Lori Pierce and Felix Feng.  Together they are working to develop molecularly based biomarker tests that will allow for the appropriate treatment decisions to be made based on each individual women’s tumor biology.  His hope is that these tests will allow for the more effective treatment of women and identify women who are currently over- or undertreated.